Recharge Extra

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Recharge Extra is where the more specialist work happens, where we take that initial connection that is made and provide extra support to young people. The services offered are mentioned below


This is where young people can gain qualifications within Recharge. The current awards that we are delivering are listed below

Issue Based Groupwork

This is small groupwork sessions on common issued that young people may be experiencing. These programmes are often done in partnership with other Organisations.

Youth Participation

Youth Participation is where young people get involved in active decision making. This can be done in the Youth Forums or as part of

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Dynamic Youth Award
  • Saltire Award
  • Youth Achievement Award

1 to 1 Mentoring support

This is a mentoring service for young people who feel they need a wee bit extra support. please note this is a mentoring service and not a counselling service.